The durance of love Leave a comment

The subtle stimulation of the flap,
The beauty of pain,
A gentle SOB,
Arouse love and pity

We often stand in the moral commanding position to criticize all sex without love, but ignore sex itself can be the starting point of love. We constrain others with our own sexual mores, while our own sexual impulses and desires are repressed and hidden, or expressed in a hidden and secret way. The front is bright, the back is dirty. We put sex in opposition to love. And when sexual shame is too much to bear, it masquerades as pride.

Too often, we rank love and sex, prioritize love over sex, romanticize marriage and love. Shy about talking about sex in a relationship, unable or unwilling to express their sexual needs, and unable to participate in a productive sex life. But often outside of the relationship, you can open up to strangers, which may be the ultimate driver of cheating or hooking up. Many years ago, I always think that sex without feelings is garbage sex, but after the baptism of years, I gradually understand that the ultimate meaning of sex is not reproduction, not the by-product of love.

It is something we are born with and it is god’s greatest gift to us. It is the original vitality of life, is worth developing and starting! It leads to the most real, vulnerable, and powerful parts of our lives. We have to learn how to love as well as to experience sex. Love makes us tolerant and accepting, while sex makes us mature and open-minded. Just about sex, both men and women, should learn to love themselves first. But sadly, in modern society, it seems that more and more of us have lost the ability to love and be loved and become hollow people. Love is a required human lesson, and only by returning to relationships that value each other’s feelings can we rebuild intimacy and sexuality

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