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Sex is all about degree
Gentle yokeSex is all about degree
Gentle yoke
New solutions for love
Go straight to the sensitive. Glamour moving
Charming each other’s tricks, everyday can do decoration

If you really love a woman, the best way to tell is that you often want to hug her, not often want to kiss her, and not often want to have sex with her. Because hugging makes people get more spiritual satisfaction, hugging is not so much physical interdependence as soul interdependence. Hugging is deep, implicit and gentle, and can eliminate the innate loneliness of human beings. So hugging is the purest and cleanest. Kissing is a direct physical arousal that leads to intercourse, which is not so pure. If you want to have sex with her as soon as you see her, then you are being selfish because the nature of sex is to satisfy your sensory and psychological needs. If you say it is for her satisfaction or mutual satisfaction, it is a grand excuse, and as for your boasting about what you can do to make her shiver and cry and cry and get her high, it is mostly wishful fantasy or a false lie. Even if a woman is satisfied, you will never know how much she is satisfied, which is the old saying: “If you are not a fish, how can you know how happy a fish is?” Besides, do you know if she has a real “oh yeah” or a fake “oh yeah” when she’s high? Maybe she’s just trying to please you, or maybe she can only get high by imagining you as some guy you hate (who’s the guy of her dreams)? Sexual intercourse can lead to pregnancy and miscarriage and can be extremely stressful and painful for a woman. If you just want to have fun, pull up your pants and walk away after sex, you are being extremely selfish. Comparatively speaking, foreplay is beautiful, because in kissing, licking, sucking, stroking, staring, laughing, these sexual foreplay, spiritual communication and more content, contains more elements of love. Once entered, the attention of men and women is almost completely focused on their respective sex organs and their pleasure, whether handsome men or women, will become disorderly, some also drool. In fact, from the moment they enter, both men and women become selfish and less beautiful. After lust comes the weariness of happiness and great satisfaction, and after the weariness of happiness and great satisfaction comes emptiness.

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