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1. Try a girl on top. Sex position is closely related to pleasure, female position is easy for women to achieve orgasm faster, and can help men reduce premature ejaculation, so that sexual life more lasting. Start your New Year in a new position.

2. Couples massage. Good massages between couples can help stimulate blood circulation and increase the amount of sex hormones released, leading to great sex.

3. Don’t eat before sex. Candlelit dinners can be romantic, but eating too much oil and filling can lead to lethargy and the stomach competing with the sex organs for blood. Overeating may not only lead to indigestion, but also dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, affecting sexual pleasure. Therefore, to have a better sex life, avoid big meals before sex. Sex, like exercise, is best waited two hours after eating. 4. Maintain a healthy weight. Too much or too little can affect libido and reduce sexual pleasure. Maintaining a normal weight can improve sexual endurance and boost sexual confidence. You can calculate your standard weight according to your body age.

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5. Stretch. Stretch your leg and hand muscles regularly to avoid cramping during sex. Stretching is also one of the easiest ways to prevent muscle pain from any cause.

6. Work your pelvic muscles. Pelvic muscle groups play an important role during sex. Strengthening pelvic muscle groups can improve sexual endurance and help prolong sex.

7. Tell dirty jokes. Telling dirty jokes and sexual jokes between husband and wife can help prolong sex. Sex in a rut is bound to be boring, and proper innovation can help delay ejaculation and improve sexual satisfaction. 8. Slow down. Before male fast ejaculation, slow down the rhythm of sexual intercourse appropriately, help to prolong sexual time, avoid premature ejaculation.

9. Have more sex. Practice makes perfect, and sex also takes a lot of practice. Having regular sex will not only make you a sex expert, it will also help build endurance.

10. Men sweat a little. During tight sex, women are aroused when men are sweating. Men release more androgens, which in itself acts as a “biological magnet” for women.

11. Eliminate anxiety stress. Many people worry that they are having sex too fast, unable to satisfy their partner in bed, or even cause serious anxiety and great psychological stress, which will lead to poor performance during sex and affect the quality of sex. Stay relaxed and the sex will be better.

12. Schedule a vacation. Going on vacation is the most relaxing time, without the pressures of work, money or kids, the space shift can bring more passion and create great sexual memories.

13. Morning sex. 7am is peak for both men and women. At this time, the male and female body sex hormone levels are highest, men with morning erections, the quality of sex will be more ideal.

14. Have lubricant. Lubricants are not just for the elderly, young people need them too. Dry weather, a bad mood, and menstrual cycles can all cause vaginal dryness, so keep a bottle handy for emergencies.

15. Communicate sexual fantasies. Try telling each other your fantasies when appropriate, and ask each other what they think, if you both want to do it together.

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