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First, it is the best assistant to help women learn about their bodies and explore ways to enjoy themselves.

Second, adult toys can also promote intimate feelings of partners.

Here’s a little bit of science for you. First of all, a toy is not a substitute for a real person, it is just a toy added to the erotic world of two people. Egg hopping, for example, is meant to help women have an extra, richer thrill than the traditional act of entering, and because the clitoris and the G-spot in the vagina are close together, it helps women have orgasms more easily. At the same time, adult toys can spice up the interaction and make sex more fun, thus making an otherwise awkward sex process more interesting.

I think sex toys are a very healthy way to have sex. After all, they can help me protect myself well. Through sex toys, I was able to see my sexual needs more rationally. Many people may feel that sex toys are unsafe, unsafe to work with, or fear physical harm from too much stimulation. But for those who have not tried sex toys, mere speculation is not enough. What’s more, there are a lot of different styles of sex toys on the market now, and each one must have passed the product inspection; In the competitive market environment, only good quality products can be retained. As long as you do not buy too cheap in the process of use, there will be no problem. But if you want a better experience, a better material, a more comprehensive sex toy, there is a class difference.

But either way, the fact that sex toys exist, are allowed and legalized is a testament to their existence. The so-called existence is reasonable, some things, perhaps you can not accept, but also please respect its existence, right? What’s more, nowadays in such a form, there are more and more singles who fear marriage. Sex toys can be regarded as a necessary choice for singles. The sooner we face up to this problem, the more transparent we will live.

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