How should we use sex toys properly? Leave a comment

(1) When opening the sex toy you just bought, be sure to read the product manual carefully. Is it integral waterproof or battery or AC type? Where are the parts that are used effectively?

(2) Remember to disinfect sex toys that touch your skin or body. Just use regular alcohol cotton. Don’t use high alcohol, which can be harmful to your skin or body. Avoid high-temperature disinfection of sex toys. It is better to clean them with professional disinfectant or with boiling and cooling warm water. After use, clean the charging port and controller of the toy to avoid water damage.

(3) when using toys into the body, be sure to smear a sufficient amount of lubricant (try to smear different effects of lubricant, especially recommend the thermal lubrication of Sichun Ge, will feel the body slowly to boiling), otherwise the body will protest the use of toys; Unless you’re in the middle of a river, try it straight away and get a different experience.

(4) Before putting it into the body, try to use your hands to experience different vibration modes and feel the whole thing. This is a process of getting familiar with sex toys. This is what we toy experiencers do every time we get a new sex toy.

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(5) Learn to let the body try to adapt to different types of toys, you can choose several toys for different types of cake, to change their own inherent cake pattern; Know where the toy is for and don’t misplace it. If you put it in the wrong place, it might not work; Because sometimes strange toy shapes will confuse us, and occasionally I will make mistakes.

(6) The charge must be fully charged to avoid falling off the mountainside at the critical moment of reaching the summit, which is a very unpleasant feeling.

(7) For soft glue (such as crystal soft glue, virtual skin, etc.), if oxidation occurs, please spread “product protection powder” evenly on the surface of the product after cleaning and drying, and then choose packaging.

(8) The condom can only be used once, not many times. When using it, you should first hold the seal of the condom and squeeze out the air inside. Otherwise, if you wear it directly, the air inside the condom may not reach the contraceptive effect.

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