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Human sexual activity generally serves three purposes: procreation, witnessing intense emotion, and pure sexual stimulation. Sex is the strengthening and preservative of marriage, and we have paid attention to harmonious sex to an extraordinary degree. When both sexes are attracted to each other, they can feel their hearts racing, their faces turning red, and their breathing becoming faster. The girl would say, “Ever since I first met you, your charm has fascinated me, just like the prince I’m looking for in a fairy tale.” The boy replied, “You melt my heart, you are my goddess.” When their hands lightly touch in the moonlight, they will feel their hands like electric shock, red in the face, the rabbit’s beating heart, the warm current immediately down, pelvic cavity quickly congestion and hot. A romantic date turns into a physical sensation, which can be interpreted as a message from the heart being uploaded to the brain, which then sends out instructions to the sexual organs and the whole body to respond. A neurochemical bond is established between two people as their immune systems engage in the interplay of caress and carnal desire, releasing neurohormones.

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Raise sex Hormone levels – Women who have sex regularly also have higher levels of estrogen and are more likely to prevent osteoporosis. Sex also increases male testosterone production, which makes muscles stronger and bones stronger.

Pain relief – Before and after orgasm the body will release endogenous opioid endorphins, is a powerful natural painkiller, so sex will improve the ability to tolerate pain, relieve people of headache, toothache, joint pain and other pain

Immune boost – During sex, oxytocin, produced by the posterior pituitary gland (in both men and women), promotes the regeneration of certain cells, thereby promoting wound healing

Lower blood pressure – People who have sex regularly are more likely to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease

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